If Not Me Then Who

This week Paul gives us the key line that we as Christians are crucified to the world. Meaning that regardless of what goes on in the world, we are promised better in Christ. In Christ’s kingdom all divisions cease, and we are made new. Which is the truth we proclaim in the creeds when we … Read more

Our Covenant

Over the past few weeks I have lost a large number of friends. This is all part of ministry sadly. As my dear friend Bishop St. George always says we spend more time saying goodbye than saying hello. However, our parish and my ministry in particular will not dip our progressive standard. Jesus calls us … Read more

A Change of Spirit

This week is the feast of Pentecost, and a jovial and grand celebration for the birth of the church, is yet again punctuated by the woes of the world. At time of publication, we have had 7 shootings in about as many days in this country, and the voice of dissension and unwillingness to do … Read more