The Spirit of Justice

The Spirit of Justice If last Sunday was Word of God Sunday, then this Sunday should be known as justice Sunday. Today we hear from the prophet Zephaniah, and in the Gospel this week Jesus gives us the beatitudes. Zephaniah was a prophet, but unlike the other gloom and doom prophets, the majority of Zephaniah … Read more

The Spirit of Peace

This weeks readings have made me think of the state of the world. The Descending of the Spirit on Jesus that John the Baptist, is telling his followers about is the sign that they are to look for. John is telling his followers that he is not the one to save all of Israel and … Read more

The Lesson of the Magi

The Feast of the Theophany is upon us! To explain, theophany means the appearance of our God to humanity. This is the feast when the Holy Magi, practitioners of the Eastern religion of Zoroastrianism, came to visit the Christ-Child. They came to see this God who is with us. They did not care that he … Read more