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Welcome to Saint Francis Parish and Outreach's newsletter.

We hope you will join us at our new home located at the Metropolitan Community Church of our Redeemer located at 557 Greene Street in Augusta, Georgia.

We are the church in Augusta where you will celebrated, not just tolerated! Come join us and find a family that will love and support you through all the struggles life throws your way.

Fr. Greg
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Join us every Sunday at 3:00 PM at 557 Greene Street in Augusta, GA!

March 20: Third Sunday in Lent
Celebrant:Fr. Greg
Homilist: Fr. Matt

March 27: Fourth Sunday in Lent
Celebrant: Fr.Matt
Homilist: Fr. Greg

Caleb St. George, Bishop Jim St. George, Katelyn St. George, and Jameson St. George; growth for our parish family; end of hostilities in Ukraine.

Spiritual Thoughts

Obedience as a Call

Author: Matthew Schnabel

As I read the readings for this Sunday and reflect, the thing that sticks out to me most is Moses and his willingness to listen to God. When we think of Moses we think of this staunch figure that stood up to Pharaoh, that warned him of the plagues to come, and ultimately that warned of the widespread death, all …
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