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Welcome to Saint Francis Parish and Outreach's newsletter.

We hope you will join us at our home located at the Metropolitan Community Church of our Redeemer located at 557 Greene Street in Augusta, Georgia.

We are the church in Augusta where you will celebrated, not just tolerated! Come join us and find a family that will love and support you through all the struggles life throws your way.

Fr. Greg
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Join us every Sunday at 3:00 PM at 557 Greene Street in Augusta, GA! In the Sanctuary of MCC of our Redeemer.

December 11, 2022: Third Sunday in Advent
Celebrant: Fr. Matt Schnabel
Homilist: Fr. Greer Godsey

December 11, 2022: Fourth Sunday in Advent
Celebrant: Fr. Greer Godsey
Homilist: Fr. Matt Schnabel
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Caleb St. George, Bishop Jim St. George, Katelyn St. George, and Jameson St. George; Ruth St. George; Fr. Bryan Wolf; Blake, his family and his job; Liz Greene as she recovers; Raymond Moore; Jacob; Mike Armstrong; Lisa Marie; Coy; Art; Salem; Liz and Frank; Kim; Mary; Kathy and her family; growth for our parish family; end of hostilities in Ukraine. For an end to gun violence.

Blue Christmas

Join us on December 21, 2022 at 6:30 PM for our annual Blue Christmas Service. We understand that the holidays do not always inspire joy or happiness. And for those that struggle at this time of year, we offer a Blue Christmas Service to help with your struggles.

Joint Youth Group

Join us for the MCC of Our Redeemer and Saint Francis Parish and Outreach Youth Group. We meet the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the church at 557 Greene Street in Augusta, GA. Youth 13-18 years of age are welcome!

Saint Francis Parish and Outreach Human First

Our Human First Outreach program needs your help! You can donate to help the homeless in the Augusta, GA area by visiting our Amazon Wishlist at or by sending a donation via our website at

Spiritual Thoughts

What the hell did you expect me to do?

Author: Father Gregory Godsey

This Sunday we get a chance to rejoice before the coming of Christmas. We don our rose vestments, light the rose candle, and sing songs of rejoicing as we near the end of our long wait for the Christ-Child. However, throughout this time of preparation for Christmas I have heard so much complaining about so many things. People are so …
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