Apr 272018

Christ is our confidence

Christ is our confidence

We all struggle with confidence sometimes. I know I do. I know that Scripture tells us that, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)  It is hard sometimes to accept that when you are going through struggles in life.

I deal with confidence issues all the time. And for the longest time I believed it was just me being humble. But that is a common misconception. Being humble does not mean that we do not have confidence. Rather it means that we place our confidence something or someone other than ourselves.

No struggle is too hard for us if we put our confidence in Christ. I know things may seem dark and desperate, but they are not. We can overcome through Christ.

I have seen good men and women of faith who have endured great challenges and have overcome them. Not through their own power, but through the power of Christ working in them. Some have spent time in prison, some have been defamed in the most public of places. Others have lost everything to follow the call of Christ.

Yet, time and time again, they manage to do the impossible. This gives me hope that even in my broken life I can do great things. I only pray that some day I will be able to do just a small portion of the great things they have done.

And one of those things I hope to accomplish is to build up Saint Francis Old Catholic Church into a vibrant and self-sustaining parish. I have worked for over a decade now to build here in the Augusta GA area and we are starting to see growth. However, without your help and support, we will not reach that goal.

I only ask that you come and see for yourself what kind of parish we are. Come experience the freedom and love we offer.

Come and experience a different way to be Catholic!