Nov 102017

Deacon: Servant to all

Deacon: Servant to all

This weekend Subdeacon Matthew Schnabel will be coming to visit with us. He is preparing for his ordination to the Order of Deacon in January. Many people see the role of Deacon as a stepping stone to the Priesthood. However, that is not entirely true.

Being a Deacon is much more than a stepping stone. It is learning to be a servant to all people. This period is one that gives the candidate a chance to learn about what it means to be the foot-washer that Jesus became at the Last Supper.

This is why Bishop’s used to wear Dalmatics under their vestments at Mass. It was to remind them that they are still just a Deacon. They are to be servants to all people. As a Franciscan, this message is very common.

One of the teachings of the Rule of Saint Francis is that you should always be last. Many people find this strange, especially at potlucks at church. They are so used to the pastor being the first in line. Saint Francis expected us to make sure that everyone was fed and taken care of before we took time to care for ourselves.

So I wait until everyone else is taken care of. It is also part of being a Deacon. We are called to be servants to those around us. And when we do this, we will find ourselves caring more about the comfort and well-being of others. It can change the world when we spend time caring for others.

This week, resolve to care for others before yourself.