Feb 012020
Helping our community

Adjusting to a series of changes in my life this past month has been difficult. However, anything worth doing in life is sometimes difficult. You see, I have not only gone back to college full time, but I am also working as an on-call chaplain at a local hospital. Both experiences are educational and provide help to our local community.

Saint Francis Parish is continuing our commitment to helping our community whenever it is possible. Father Matt works in the medical field at a local hospital as well as heading up our Blessing Bag Ministry. Deacon Dana is also in the medical field at a local hospital and heads up our Hospitality Ministry. Subdeacon Luna is going to college and works with various diversity programs on campus as well as being a representative to our National Church’s Office of Social Justice.

We believe that being the church requires action. Going to church makes it a spectator sport where you come to see and be seen. Being the church requires that you participate at Mass, in the life of the parish and in our larger community as well.

In our Christ’s great commission he calls us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. (Mark 16:15. NASB) Saint Francis in the Rule of 1221 tells us, “Nevertheless, let all the brothers preach by their works”. It is our duty as Christians to live our lives as examples of the great things that God has done for us and within us. This requires us to get our hands dirty and to work in the communities we live in. Our calling is to help the homeless, the orphan, and the widow specifically. However, that call has a deeper meaning. It means to help all those who need our help.

Here at Saint Francis we are trying to live that call. We are trying to build a place where everyone is welcome and loved. It is our desire to help all those in our community who need it. And in the process, we continue to create a safe place for those who are hurting. Hate has no home at Saint Francis.

We pray that you will come and help us in our mission to live the Gospel.