Sep 212017

Hope: The cure for the groanings

Hope: The cure for the groanings

This past week has been a roller-coaster! With hurricanes, earthquakes, deaths, illnesses, and even the dreaded football games! It seems that everywhere I turn of late, there is something else happening in our world. Now is a time for hope.

The writer of Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:8-11) This I believe to be very true. Even in Hollywood, there is nothing new. It is always the same old remakes of old movies.

It is almost as if the entire world, even the earth itself, is crying out for something new. Saint Paul talks about this in his letter to the Romans:

For I give counsel that the sufferings of this time are not comparable to the glory which is going to be revealed in us. The whole creation hopes for and expects the revelation of the sons of God. All creation has been subjected to futility, not by its choice, but because of him who subjected it upon hope. For the creation shall also be freed from the bondage of destruction into the liberty of the glory of the sons of God. For we know that all created things groan and are in labor until today.

And not only so, but we also who have in us the first fruits of The Spirit; we groan in ourselves and we look for the adoption of sons and the redemption of our bodies, Because we live in that hope; but hope that is seen is not hope, for if we see hope, why do we look for it? But if we hope for what is not seen, we wait patiently for it. (Romans 8:18-25 Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

Saint Paul says the world is waiting for hope, waiting for the sons of God. Notice the plural on sons. He is not talking about Jesus. He is talking about us! We are the sons of God that the world is waiting for.

God calls us to bring hope into the world. We need hope now more than ever! Negative news, bad things happen all around us every day. And the world looks to us for the hope it needs to keep going. Our message of love and hope is one that cannot be stifled. We must set our light on a lamp stand for all the world to see!

Do not ignore the groaning of the world around you. Rather, take time to be light, love, and hope to everyone you meet. Show them that there is hope despite all the bad things going on. Let us show them that they can still love despite being hurt, damaged, and broken. Show them that there is still a spark of the Divine in each and every human being that should be honored.

Let us be that hope for all the world to see!