Jan 122018
How to join our Parish

Someone said to me this week, “How does one join your parish?” It is a simple question, but it led me to think about all the ways one can join Saint Francis Old Catholic Church.

  1. Attendance. One can join Saint Francis just by showing up regularly to Mass. That is the key though, you have to come regularly in order to be considered a member of the parish. It is like saying you are a member of a gym, but never actually going to the gym. You cannot expect to get fit and in shape if you don’t actually work out at the gym! The same is true with your spiritual life. You cannot participate fully in the life of the church and the sacraments if you never come to church!
  2. Registration. You can also join by registering as a member of the parish. This does not mean that you don’t have to go to Mass, it means that we now have an official record of your membership. This helps us to better know you and your family and to better serve the spiritual needs you may have. This is also a great way to express your desire to help the parish financially and with your time and talents.
  3. Covenant. Saint Francis has started offering the Saint Francis Covenant to those who wish to make a commitment to the parish. This is another way you can join the parish. The Covenant is an agreement between you and the parish as a whole. It says that you commit to being a fully participating member of the parish and that you will work to uplift the parish and its parishioners. If you want to take that route, you can review the Saint Francis Covenant here.

Also, supporting our parish financially or with your time and talents is something each parishioner should do. It is how we can grow and become a more vibrant parish. If you cannot support the parish financially, which many cannot, you can volunteer your time and talents to help make Saint Francis a better, more inviting parish! If you would like to offer your time or talents to help our parish, please take a moment to fill out the time and talent section of parish registration form, or contact Bishop Godsey.

As we begin to grow, I also want to thank everyone for all their hard work, dedication, and love. Saint Francis is a beacon of light in a world that can be so dark.

Come and join our family!