I serve an all-powerful God

I have been preaching a lot about how fundamentalist Christians tend to serve a small God. They put him in a box and believe that God cannot function or exist outside their limited understanding of God. And this Sunday’s readings continue that theme.

We have two stories of women in distress that Jesus finds himself healing. One is the daughter of Jairus who is dying from an unknown illness, and the other is the woman who touches the hem of Jesus’ robe. Both are desperate and seeking an all-powerful being to help them.

Jesus stops and asks who touched him when he felt the power leave him after the woman touched him. And the disciples, still not fully comprehending the all-powerful nature of God, are in disbelief that Jesus would even ask the question. While this is going on, Jairus is told that his daughter has died.

At that moment, Jairus finds himself doubting that Jesus could do anything to help him. Jairus shows that he too felt that God was small. Jesus had to convince him that he could still heal his daughter.

We find ourselves each day questioning the power of God. So many people proclaimed “faith over fear” during the initial COVID pandemic, yet they are the same “Christians” who carry guns with them to go shopping. They are professing with their actions that they believe God can protect them from a deadly disease, but not a gun wielded by a madman.

I choose to believe in a God that is all-powerful. And I will continue to proclaim that all-powerful God to all who will listen. God is so much more than we can imagine. And it is time our actions and our words match.

Will you join me in following the all-powerful God?

Pax et Bonum,

Bishop Greer