Holy Eucharist

EucharistAll parishes in the Old Catholic Churches International practice what is referred to as an “Open Communion”. We at Saint Francis Parish invite everyone who believes that communion is something sacred or holy to receive the Holy Eucharist.

An “Open Communion” means that anyone can receive the Body and Blood of our Lord presented at Holy Mass. It is our belief that when Jesus instituted the Eucharist and when he prayed that “All Be One”, he did not set limits on who could receive or who was worthy to receive.

This does not mean that a person should receive the Eucharist without thought or prayer. Saint Paul reminds us that those who partake of the Eucharist unworthily receive it to their own condemnation. This is one reason why every liturgy begins with a confession and absolution of sins. This is so that we may approach this great Sacrament with pure hearts and minds.

Regardless of what denomination or faith you belong to, you are welcome to receive Communion when you visit with us.