Feb 242018

Lessons from a band trip

Lessons from a band trip

OFFUTT AFB, Neb. -- Staff Sgt. Mark Barnette, Heartland of America Band plays a tuba during the Organ Vesper Series held at the Presbyterian Church of the Cross, Omaha, Feb 8. This public concert was one of a concert series hosted by the church to celebrate their 20th season of concerts. U.S. Air Force Photo by Josh Plueger

I am on a band trip this weekend and will be back on Saturday evening. While sitting on the bus traveling between stops, I was fretting about all the things that I needed to get done. But as I sat and listened to the beautiful music being preformed, I realized that there is always time to get those things done.

All too often we miss the beauty in life by rushing from appointment to appointment. We forget to stop and listen to the music or to smell the roses. Yes, I will strive to put together all the things I need for Sunday, but I will also take time to enjoy the beauty God has blessed the world with!

These young people impress me with their dedication to music. They sat for 8 hours practicing piece after piece of music. I find that they never complain, they never tire while playing their instruments. They preform each piece with precision and with such emotion! They put not only their effort and talent into the music, but also their hearts.

Sometimes we fail to dedicate ourselves to our path in life. We complain about every bump in the road. I am the worst about this! I forget that both the journey and the destination are important. And we must be willing to put our all into whatever path God calls us to walk. Only then, in concert with those walking the path with us, can we produce the beautiful music God has given us to play.

This Lent, let us focus on these two things: the beauty around us and dedicating ourselves to the path before us. In doing so, we will help to build a better, brighter, more loving world around us!

Come and walk this path with us!