Jul 102020

Listening vs. hearing

Listening vs. hearing
Sunday’s readings challenge us to not only hear to the message of the Gospel, but to listen to it. Many people do not understand the difference between listening and hearing.
We hear people tell us things every day. We perceive the noise and acknowledge that we are being spoken to. I find that more times than not, we do not actually listen to what is being said. To listen to something means that we hear what is said and process and/or keep the information contained in the words spoken.
Often we are like the seeds that are sown on the rocky ground. We hear what is said and discard it immediately. We do nothing to keep the information or actually process it. Other times we hear and keep the information for a short time only to have it choked out by other bits of information. Those times are like the seeds in the thorns. We become distracted and busy and the information or wisdom imparted to us gets drowned out.
When we actually take time to process and keep the information we received, then we are like the seeds that fell on good ground. We can use that information to make ourselves better people and to make the world around us better.
I hope that you will continue to support our blessing bag ministry and our parish so that we can continue to spread the seeds of love and compassion to the community around us.