Jul 202017

The work of a Pastor

The work of a Pastor

Being a pastor is hard work. I have been a pastor since 1999 and I know the difficulties that we face. So many pastor’s burnout or loose their faith.

As pastor’s we help people when they need it most. Most of the time it is on the worst day of their lives. We are there when they call at 3 AM and need someone to pray with them. There are times when we spend long periods of time in the hospital praying with someone as they cross over.

We are there to preform a wedding, funeral, baptism, first communion, confession, or anointing. And rarely do we ask for anything in return. Most of the time, we spend long periods of time away from our families, or have to leave to help someone during our infrequent family time. And we do this without complaint.

Sadly, we also deal with people who are angry or upset that we did not do what they wanted us to do. Some people complain that we spend too much money. Others complain that we don’t spend enough. There are those who complain that we do not do enough as pastor and others complain that we do too much and should take more time off.

As pastor, no matter what I do, there is always someone who is not going to be satisfied. I do my best to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Sometimes it is not enough and for some people it is too much. However, I intend to continue doing what I do.

Most of us already feel that we are not able to do enough and that we are inadequate to do the work of the ministry. We certainly do not need anyone to remind us that we are broken people. I know that I am reminded every day that I am inadequate. However, we get up every day and work to help others despite our brokenness.

We have worked hard to build Saint Francis. And while very few people come to Mass, we faithfully celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday. The only thing I ask is that you come and check us out. Give us a chance to show you a different way to be Catholic.

Come and see what it means to be welcoming and inclusive. Help us to proclaim the message that God loves everyone. And help me to build a parish that will be a safe space for everyone. This is the greatest gift anyone can give me as a pastor.

Take a moment today to consider how your pastor feels and the burden that he or she has to carry. Please take a moment to thank them!

And remember, we are here for you anytime!