May 182018

Pentecost and the authentic church

Pentecost and the authentic church

This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost. Pentecost is called the birthday of the church. It is the commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles. The coming of the Holy Spirit gave the apostles the courage and strength to preach the Gospel to all people.

We continue this mission to this day. We work to bring the message of the love of God to all people. And in doing so, we work to build a church where all people can come together and worship God in “spirit and truth”. (John 4:24) In doing so, we also recognize that we are broken and weak people. That is why we strive not to judge those who worship with us.

Lately, people seem to be judging each other more and more. It is almost like it has become a national pastime! We forget that we are not perfect and that we too have skeletons in our closets. It is like we have forgotten that when we point our fingers at others that we have 3 fingers pointing back at us!

Our calling is to love all people. It is not our place to judge them. And when it comes to our clergy, we need to remember that they are human too. They make mistakes, they are not perfect, and they too are broken. I have seen so many people attacking clergy because they are human. When did clergy become perfect? When did we stop being human beings? I want to know, because I missed that memo!

If you want a perfect clergy person, a perfect church, or a perfect friend or spouse, then disappointment is around the corner. There was only one person who walked this earth that was perfect. And people hated him so much they crucified him. This proves that even if we got what we wanted, the perfect person as a cleric, friend, or spouse, we would likely hurt them and leave them.

It is time for us to stop expecting perfection from those around us and to accept that we are all human beings. The time has come to love those around us without preconditions. It is time for us to start living the Gospel instead of being hypocrites.

If you want an authentic church with broken people who love unconditionally, then come visit us at Saint Francis!