Pride in who God made us

This Sunday we celebrate Pride Sunday. We celebrate who God made us to be and shake off the shame and abuse that the religious community has visited on us. We stand with one another in solidarity against those who would have us disappear or would have us harmed simply because they disagree with how God created us.

We are like the mustard seed in the Gospel this Sunday. Furthermore, we are considered small, but we shine forth the love and acceptance of God to all people. It is important that we become that tall tree of hope and love for the world to see.

All too often, we are convinced that we should hide who we are. Those who are threatened or frightened by who we are work to push us deeper into the closet. But we are called to set our light on a stand and let the whole world see who we are.

It is not easy. However, we are given the strength to do this through the Christ. We can shine bright in our world. But it takes leaning on one another to make this possible.

As we continue to celebrate who we are, let us thank God each day for who they made us to be. Let us live in a way that draws people out of hate and into love!

Happy Pride Month!!!

Pax et Bonum,

Bishop Greer