Mar 032018

The reminder of the grave

The reminder of the grave

One of the traditions I have during Lent many people find to be rather morbid. I go every year to the cemetery to look at my grave. Yes, I have already purchased my final resting place.

Going to my grave reminds me that life is fragile. It reminds me that I should live every moment as though it is my last. This is one of the lessons of Lent. It may seem morbid, but it helps to keep me humble.

Looking at my final resting place also puts my life in perspective. I am forced to ask myself hard questions about the direction my life is going and what I should be doing as a clergy person. It gives me a moment to reflect on what will be said of me when my life is over.

We should live our lives so that when our time is up we will hear the words, “Welcome home, my good and faithful servant.” Lent is a time when we can reflect on the path we have walked and plan a different course should we desire to. And Lent does not have to end with Easter. The changes we make in our lives should continue throughout the year.

Let us continue our journey with peace, love, and hope. Take time to be kind to everyone around you, to show the love of Christ to everyone you meet.

Come experience this journey and find a different way to be Catholic!