Nov 162019
Support our community

Saint Francis Parish has been plugging along in the CSRA for almost 8 years now. We have been a parish community since 2003, but only under the name of Saint Francis for the past 8 years. Our parish has always been there for those who are in most need in our community.

We have struggled to build up a parish here in the CSRA since we started. A progressive, loving, welcoming, affirming parish that preaches God loves everyone is not what people in the south want. However, that has not stopped us from faithfully being present to those who need us. And it has not stopped us from faithfully offering mass every single Sunday.

At last count thousands of people have viewed our Mass video’s on Vimeo. Many more have used Roku and Amazon Firestick to watch them. Obviously there are those who enjoy the celebration of the Mass that we offer.

We started the Blessing Bag program last year and have worked to distribute bags to those most in need of food and daily supplies in our community. We continue to strive to build this very important program up so that we can reach even more people in most need.

However, very few actually come to our Masses and even fewer support our work financially. If we are to continue for the next year, we need your prayers and your financial support.

We cannot thank our generous benefactors who have donated monthly to keeping our parish and mission alive this long. Without their support, we would have closed 3 years ago. Thanks to them, we are still moving forward and working to bring the light of a loving God to everyone we meet.

It is time for our community, those who watch our Masses and who say they want to make a difference in the community, to step up and support our parish. Now is the time to commit to supporting this parish and ministry so that we can continue to do all these good works. Just $10 from each of our Mass viewers would make it possible for us to have our own facility and expand our blessing bag program!

We are asking you today to prayerfully consider making Saint Francis Parish a part of your monthly financial donation plan. We have even made it easy for you to do by visiting or

You can ensure that we continue to be a beacon of hope and love in a world so filled with darkness and hate!