Nov 242017

Thankful even for the bad times

Thankful even for the bad times

Yesterday people all over the United States gathered to show that they were thankful for all the great gifts we have been given. Why should we only celebrate our thankfulness one day of the year?

Far too often we take for granted the people around us who love us and support us. We take for granted all the things that God has given us. However, we should be thankful each and every day for all the blessings we have been given.

But not just the blessings. We should also be thankful for all the hard times, the difficult people, and the things that go wrong. Why? Because they make us stronger. They test our character and reveal areas of ourselves that need more work. They test our commitment to living the Gospel message.

Without these struggles in our lives we would have no way to measure the good times, the good things, and the good people in our lives. Yes, without evil, without bad things in our lives we would not be able to see the good around us.

Even in our most dark of times, we should be thankful for being able to grow. We should strive to become better people, better Christians in the midst of these hard times. We can either allow these times to make us better people or we can allow them to turn us into a worse version of ourselves.

Hopefully, we will look back on those struggles and see how they made us into better people. So be thankful for having these struggles.

And let us become better versions of ourselves through them.