Dec 012017

Truth in a post-truth society

Truth in a post-truth society

I am convinced that we now live in a post-truth society. You need only to turn on the news to see this fact.

A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of The Orville. It was an episode where the crew landed on a planet where everything was governed by popular consensus. Everyone wore badges that had a thumbs up and thumbs down symbol. Life was like one huge Facebook experience.

In this society, the truth did not matter. The only thing that mattered was how many people liked it or did not like it. They had exchanged the truth for a lie in many situations.

Reading the news lately has me feeling like we now live in that society. Up is now down as long as enough people believe it.

Here is the problem, you can believe anything you want. However, believing it does not make it truth. You cannot change the truth by popular consensus.

There are some truths that our parish will never waver on. One of those truths is the inherent dignity of every living being. Another is that two consenting adults who love each other is not a sin, regardless of their genders. We will not judge a person based on their sexual identity, gender preference, social status, race, or even their faith path. Judging is not our job!

It is also our call to accept and love the refugee and immigrants among us, because we were all people in a strange land once upon a time. It is our duty as Christians to help those who are seeking a better life, fleeing persecution or war. To turn our backs on them or to vilify them is to treat Christ that way as well. Would you treat Christ that way?

We also hold firmly to the belief that God loves everyone. Our worthiness does not stop God from loving us. We can refuse to accept God’s love, but that does not stop him from loving us!

And we will freely give of the gifts of the sacraments to all people. We do not own the sacraments, God gives us these sacraments to be freely given to all!

These are just some of the truths we hold to in our parish. And we will continue to hold to them even if they are not popular. Consensus does not change the truth.

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