Oct 262017

Violence and Hate has no place in our Church

Violence and Hate has no place in our Church

There is so much violence and hate in our world today. Our politicians and religious leaders have done very little to curb this growing trend.

Today, a dear friend of mine pointed out the hateful display posted at the Cleveland State University. The display calls for members of the LGBTQI community to commit suicide. The display put up by “Fascist Solutions”. And the university is hiding behind the First Amendment in order to keep the display up.

Then we have Roman Catholic priest who spend all their time attacking Old Catholics and Independent Catholics in the United States. They do not have the time to visit the sick or to help bury the dead, because they are needed to defame and attack our churches.

All of this is done in the name of Christ. Bishops issue decrees barring the funerals and burials of “notorious homosexuals”, just like Jesus would do. Right? Wrong! Jesus would have accepted them with open arms.

Too often we forget that Jesus hung out with the outcasts of society. He was routinely seen dining with tax collectors, prostitutes, and all manor of “notorious” sinners. Jesus went to those who needed him most. He spent time in the gutters helping those who had been tossed out by society.

It is time that we as Christians follow the example of our Christ. We must put away the pettiness we have allowed to spring up in the church. We need to welcome all with open arms. It is not our place to judge their worthiness. Our calling it to love them regardless of who they are or what they have done.

We need to support our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQI community. They are just like us! They are no better and certainly no worse than we are. The are Children of God and it is time we treat them as such.

Join me this week in welcoming all to the table of the Lord!