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Welcome to Saint Francis Parish and Outreach!

We meet every Sunday at 3:00 PM at the Metropolitan Community Church of Our Redeemer located at 557 Greene Street in Augusta Georgia.

We are a church where you are celebrated, not just tolerated. We work to support you and your calling to be a unique and loved Child of the Divine.

We hope you will join us and find us a church family you can call your own.

Pax et Bonum!

Bishop Greer
Mass Schedule
Join us every Sunday at 3:00 PM at 557 Greene Street in Augusta Georgia in the sanctuary of the MCC of Our Redeemer.

November 5, 2023: All Saints/All Souls Remembrance
Mass Intention: For all our dearly departed friends and family.

November 11, 2023: Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - 6:00 PM
(Mass is moved to Saturday evening for this weekend only!)
Mass Intention: For the St. George Family.
Prayer Requests
Caleb St. George, Bishop Jim St. George, Katelyn St. George, and Jameson St. George; Fr. Bryan Wolf; Shannon Long; Mary; for Kelesh’s daughter; Diamond's family and sister; Charlie; James (Cancer); LG; MK Henry (Sister and Niece in Car Wreck); Linda (Cancer); Jacob (Cancer); James Long (Cancer); Pat (Car Wreck); CJ (Family Issues); Louis' Grandmother (Dementia); growth for our parish family; all those effected by the shooting in Lewiston Maine; all those in the path of hurricanes and wildfires, end of hostilities in Ukraine and the Middle East; for an end to gun violence.

Mass Intentions

You can send us your Mass Intentions by visiting our Mass Intention Form. Mass Intentions are $15 an intention and covers the cost of candles, hosts, and wine for the Mass.

Pastor's Blog

A Church that is not afraid to get dirty

Anyone who has worked with me for very long knows that I admonish all my priests and bishops to remember that they are always deacons. This confuses many people and others feel it is beneath them to be deacons. Why? Because to be a deacon means to be a servant to all. Jesus in this weekend’s gospel reminds us that …

Can't make it to Mass?

You can still join us virtually, you can by using any of the following outlets:
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All Saints/All Souls Luminary Information
To purchase a luminary, you can click on the following link! https://oursaintfrancis.org/support-us/all-saints-all-souls/

Join us each Saturday!


Human First Outreach

This ministry focuses on providing food and toiletry supplies to the homeless in the Augusta, Georgia area. We provide feminine hygiene products to those that need them and food for the pets of our homeless friends and family.

We are working to bring a human touch to this ministry as we encourage volunteers to engage with the individuals we are helping in a compassionate and loving way. We expect all volunteers to refrain from proselytizing and preaching to those we serve. Instead, take a hint from Hamilton “talk less, listen more”.

If you would like to donate to this important ministry, you can visit our Amazon wishlist and purchase items to be sent directly to us.

Our you can donate by visiting this page here on our website.

Reclaiming the Cross Outreach

Check out our newest outreach in which we work to set the record straight on what the Bible says about many of the issues facing our society today! Reclaiming the Cross is an outreach of our parish headed up by Subdeacon Luna Godsey.

Visit Reclaiming the Cross by clicking this link: https://oursaintfrancis.org/outreach/reclaiming-the-cross/

Podcast Outreach
Check out our Podcast Outreach at https://oursaintfrancis.org/outreach/podcast-outreach/. New episodes drop every Monday evening!
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