The Right Rev. (Bishop) Gregory Godsey, OSFoc

Bishop Gregory Godsey was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on June 21, 1979 to a Roman Catholic family. He has traveled from church to church as a child experiencing the various expressions of the Christian faith first hand.

By 1999, Bishop Greg had started to question his calling to the priesthood within the Roman church. He found himself unable to reconcile his beliefs with those of the magisterium on issues such as clerical celibacy, papal infallibility and closed communion. That is when his searching brought him to the Independent Sacramental Movement.

His first experience in the movement was disastrous. He had found himself in the company of charlatans who turned out to be invalid. Having been ordained and consecrated by these people, he was once again put in the situation of searching for help within the movement to make things right. In an answer to prayer, Bishop Mark Pultorak and Bishop David Worley of the American Orthodox Catholic Church – Propheta Jurisdiction offered to sub-conditionally ordain and consecrate him in 2004. This would put an end to the struggles over validity that had plagued him.

On April 14, 2012, Bishop Greg was officially installed as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of St Maximilian Kolbe. In addition, he is also the Director of the Office of Communications and Media Relations.

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Bishop Gregory Godsey