A Change of Spirit

This week is the feast of Pentecost, and a jovial and grand celebration for the birth of the church, is yet again punctuated by the woes of the world. At time of publication, we have had 7 shootings in about as many days in this country, and the voice of dissension and unwillingness to do anything to curb the senseless violence has yet again fallen on deaf ears.

I am OVER IT! I feel like my prayers, my actions, my words as a pastor are silenced and drowned out by those who feel that owning a gun of war is more of a right than mine and others in this nations ability to shop at a store, or go to school safely. And further more, I have no clue what to say to people anymore other than take action.

That is exactly what the Holy Spirit was doing 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. Even though Jesus commanded the Apostles to go out and baptize all nations, To get off their collective butts and move and do work, they were gathered together in fear. When the rush and roar of the spirit came over them, made them pray, made them baptize, and made them preach to 3000 people gathered, and ultimately convert them and start the church.

It took massive effort to get them to do, so it should not surprise me that it is taking massive effort to get change to occur on a national level. But seminary did not prepare me for how to be patient enough to deal with my voice falling on deaf and obstinate ears.

I can only imagine how others feel, how you feel, but take pride in knowing that you are on the right side of this with us. Continue speaking, continue being the spirits voice in this. And one day we will see the mountain move. Until then keep pressing on.

God bless,