Peace in a restless world

This Sunday we focus on the Hope of God’s Peace. This comes as we watch the latest mass shooting unfold in Las Vegas Nevada and as we watch Israel destroy homes and kill innocent people in Gaza because of their religion and nationality. Peace in this day and time seems so very illusive. I struggle … Read more

Loving all our neighbors

It seems every time I turn on the news, there is another story about politicians complaining about people coming across our southern border. Interestingly enough, there is rarely any mention of the people coming across our northern border which has far more locations to pass unchecked than the southern border. This was highlighted recently by … Read more

Love is our path

This Sunday we have a chance to read the great Christ Hymn out of Philippians. It is an amazing hymn written early in Paul’s Christian walk before the time when he started to be influenced to turn back toward a more Christian/Jewish mesh of faith. Part of what is amazing about this passage, Philippians 2:1-11, … Read more

Living a Life of Love

In this weekend’s readings, we have Jesus telling us how to resolve conflict in the church. It is not easy when people who claim to follow the Prince of Peace end up fighting with one another. Sometimes that conflict comes from people straying from the great commandments that Jesus gave us. And sometimes this conflict … Read more