The True Call of a Deacon

This weekend we hear about the commissioning of the Deacons in the Acts of the Apostles. For many people, this is an unremarkable story. However, when you look a little deeper at the context you find some very interesting theological points.  First of all, the reason for the commissioning of the Deacons was that the … Read more

Gossip is not Godly

This Sunday we read an important set of readings about what it means to truly be Christian. So many people proclaim that they are Christians, yet they lack the actually fruit of the Gospel in their lives. They promote themselves as the sole purveyor of “truth” and the only spokesperson of God. Sadly, they rarely … Read more

Serving two masters

The past few weeks have been exhausting. Going back to college at my age was a feat in itself, but managing a parish, diocese, national church, magazine, and family has been a struggle. And so often in ministry we find ourselves alone working to help those most in need. Even worse, those who claim to … Read more