Faith requires works

This Sunday marks the end of our church year and next Sunday the start of the new church year. We celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King on this final Sunday of the year. And as we hear about the resurrection of the dead and the defeat of the evil in the world by Jesus, we are also reminded in the gospel of our call as Christians.

So many people believe that in order to be saved, all one needs to do is to believe. They turned the cross and the horrible crucifixion into an idol of worship, rather than putting it into context. Jesus’ death was because he dared to stand up to an oppressive government and to religious leaders who wanted to control access to God. Instead of worshiping a crucified Jesus, we are called on to aid those around us: to love our neighbors as ourselves.

In the Gospel this Sunday, Jesus makes it clear: we will not be asked if we believed in his death, but rather if we saw those that were hungry and fed them, or thirsty and gave them a drink, saw them as a stranger and welcomed them, or naked and clothed them, or saw them ill or in prison and visited them. These are the questions that we will be asked and the answer to those questions will decide if we are welcomed into heaven or sent away.

So on this feast let us ask ourselves if we are truly living the Gospel message or are we just coasting by on faith alone.

Pax et Bonum!

Bishop Greer