How Wrapped Up Are You?

The readings of this week all focus on the same thing. Focus. Where are we as children of God putting our focus. This is especially clear when we look at the Gospel. Martha is so busy serving the others, that she is missing out on Jesus teaching at the table. On the other hand Mary, is right there listening and soaking in every word. Abraham, stopped his work to go attend to the unidentified “men” that were really angels, and in return is rewarded.

It made me think, how much of our lives are spent worrying and toiling aimlessly with the same things all the time, but it’s really distracting us from the important things going on around us. How focused are you on buying working enough over time so you can buy that new apple watch, but there is a man living next door to you who has to decide if he buys his insulin or buys groceries for the week? How mired are we.

If we took our eyes off our toils, and look up, we can see the need around us can’t we. It’s rather tempting to shut out the troubles and chaos, but when we do we are missing the opportunities to do the work of God around us.

So this week I encourage you to put down your share of work and join us for mass! Come and see the powerful world that God wants us to create. I don’t think you will be disappointed. And who knows, you just might find the missing link to the inner peace that we all need.