Jan 192018

Learning in the most ordinary of places

Learning in the most ordinary of places

As I write this I am sitting at the Hope Center helping them create a computer lab for students who cannot afford the normal routes of higher education. This process has been a huge learning experience for me.

One of the major things I learned is that even something that appears old and obsolete can be quite useful. The computers we are working with are 15 or so years old. They are considered obsolete and useless. However, we installed Linux Mint and found that these laptops have a lot of life left in them. For someone with no computer and in need of computer skills, these laptops will be a lifesaver. The same is true with those around us. No one is obsolete. Everyone has value!

Another lesson has been how a common goal can make people overlook or forget their differences. People of various religious beliefs have come together to help the less fortunate in our community. We set aside our religious or theological squabbles to help others.

This has been the goal of Saint Francis for years. We have prayed for a day when we might be able to help others with our resources. And we are finally starting to do that.

We are also starting to grow! For years I have stood by the door of the church waiting for someone to show up to worship with us. Many times I stood there with tears in my eyes as no one came. But now, we are starting to see visitors and new members!

God has blessed us with growth and an increase of skills and talents. Rather than sit back and rejoice in our good fortune, we turn to the community and find ways to help the least, the lost, and the forgotten around us. It is our hope that we will become a resource for people who are marginalized and forgotten by churches and society.

It is also our prayer that you will come and be part of this exciting adventure.

Come and put your faith into action!