The Power of Seeds

This week we hear a familiar parable. This parable is the parable of the sower and the seed. And we hear about various ground types that seed can grow in. But to me the remarkable thing that people miss is the fact that all of the seeds that were planted grew! Regardless of where they were planted. The fact that is remarkable is that the good soil yielded exponential amounts of fruit. That is the astonishing thing.

But all the seed grew, the birds moved the seed where it needed to be, the rains in the good soil watered it in etc.. The take away is no matter where we are put in our spiritual path, if we are faithful to the message of the Gospel. There will be a yield or growth for us.

So to me this speaks about seasons of discernment. We are meant to figure out what we are supposed to do in every situation. God puts us in places for a particular reason. The same can be said for when he stirs in us things to do, or places to go there is a meaning. The thing we do is be faithful, so that we can be the good soil that allows the gift he has given us to grow and yield the bountiful harvest. God bless+