Looking Forward

This weeks Epistle from 1st Peter gives a striking message for us all. To keep looking forward always. You see Peter was writing the letter knowing he had limited time. He was walking toward Rome, toward his eventually trial and martyrdom. His epistles were love letters to his people that he took leadership over. Sure he was putting to bed problems that were forming, but he was really preparing a path forward in a time when darkness was about to descend a budding religion.

No matter where we look today we see darkness starting to descend. Darkness on education (true education), on freedom of expression, and freedom of existence. Wherever you look it can cause one to feel as though the world is enfolding in. But Peter reminds us to face adversity with the light and that wisdom will be given to us.

You see Peter was writing a letter on perseverance and survival. And if we take his advice today the same thing will happen. Because as Lent and Advent reminded us this year we are bringers of the light. Our voices bring light, our actions bring hope, and together we shall be bearers of peace.

So yes my beloved you can morn for the losses, but rise in civil holy anger to be bringers of the light.