This Sunday we read about the restoration of Peter after his denial of Jesus on Good Friday. So many times in the past I have failed to be the best example of the Christ to those around me. And for those that I have hurt, I can only give you my sincere apologies and my promise that I continue to work to be a better example of the Christ.

We can all work to be better people. Peter was one of Jesus’ most trusted followers. And in the time when Jesus needed him most, Peter turned his back on Jesus. Yet, the story did not end there. Jesus came to Peter after his resurrection and restored Peter three-fold. As part of that forgiveness, Jesus told Peter to feed his sheep and his lambs.

After Jesus’ ascension, Peter became one of the great evangelists spreading the word of Jesus throughout the known world. He and Paul would battle over the authenticity of each other’s message. And Peter would end up being the one to continue the authentic message of Jesus to everyone. He did not allow his one time failure to stop him from becoming what God wanted him to be. We need to take a lesson from Peter’s example when it comes to our failures.

We have to allow Jesus to restore us when we fail or sin. We have to be willing to make ourselves humble enough to accept our own limitations and our own sins. And then we have to confess those sins and limitations in order to be restored in Christ. Once restored we can work to be the great and wonderful people God has called us to be.

Join me in the walking this walk of faith and love.

Father Greg