Self Limitations

Have you ever grown tired of hearing people complaining? I know I do! Sometimes complaints are necessary to recognize things need changing in our environment. But often times, the complaints center around our inability to remain flexible to change, and transform. Take this weeks Old testament passage for instance. We have Moses in the Exodus with the tribes of Israel, they have been wandering the desert for a good period of time, and they are getting sick of it! All’s they are doing is walking, and it is hot! And my God all we have is this manna dropping from the sky, it was so much better in Egypt cause at least we had a house!

Moses is worried, that they are going to kill him it gets so bad. And what does God do, make him hit a rock so water will come out. And in that instant they are reminded that better things are coming.

Then we have the Woman at the well, and she is perplexed because a Jewish man is speaking to her. But its Jesus, and he has to do amazing things to get her to change her viewpoint as well. Not necessarily complaints but a self limiting assessment.

You see complaints sometimes come out of a place of self limitation. We put limits on our self that we do not even notice everyday. Whether it is refusing to face the fact that we are good at our job regardless of what others might say, or that we can be loved and are worthy of love. Our limitations are sometimes self imposed.

This Lenten season work to undo some of these limitations, and like the Woman at the Well and the Children of Israel, you too might have your eyes opened to the mighty works of God in every day moments of your life. Don’t and just continue the same old story and nothing gets changed.