Spreading Hope

The words from the prophet Jeremiah speak volumes this week. “ I hear voices on every side, the voices that say Denounce him denounce him.” You see Jeremiah was not a popular prophet. He was predicting the down fall of the mighty reign of the Kings of Israel. Generations and generations had not listened and continued to honor other God’s and treat people terribly. Jeremiah was trying to get them to change. And they wanted to throw him out of the country.

The same is true for us. This is Pride week, and we are working as hard as we can to promote the church as a loving, safe refuge, for all of God’s perfect creation. A message that one does not hear too often in our locale. And we like Jeremiah have heard the whispers, sometimes shouts, of those who would rather keep their own bigoted status quo that is rooted no where in scripture other than in the minds of those preachers who do not want to educate themselves, and spread a false nationalistic gospel that instead of bringing peace to people, it gaslights them into a frenzy.

But we are different, we are spreading joy, peace, and love this day and everyday. We like the prophet Jeremiah wish to turn the tide and bring hope. Come out to Pride if you can and support us, say hello and spread the good news of God’s eternal love.