The Building of Community

This Weeks text focuses on the Keys of the Kingdom. Long used as a defense of the church hierarchy and the common persons defense of it, there are some radical ways of looking at this text from Matthew. Primarily around the building around the petras or “rock”. Long thought to be a clever play on the naming of Peter or Petros, Petras is actually better translated as anchor or foundation in ancient Greek. So Jesus, is asking Peter to build a community on the firm foundation of what Jesus has started on Earth.

I choose to believe and adopt the mindset, that its not the establishment of a hierarchy, but the permission to build a community of grace. A community that banishes the thoughts of the accuser in the world, to make it a more peaceful and hospitable place for all. So yes, it is important to help people repent, but it is also important to help people reach their potential that God gave them as well.

If we can do all that beloved, we can build a greater world. And then the Gates of the Accuser will come crashing down, and the community that is built that Jesus started 2,000+ years ago will truly prevail instead of perpetuating past abuses and traumas.