The Christmas Choice

Christmas is almost here. The birth of the Christ-child is one of great celebration and a time to connect with friends and family. And our readings this Christmas Vigil reflect that joyful time of celebration. 

Isaiah tells us that we are no longer called forsaken or desolate, but rather we are called “My delight” and “Espoused”. Saint Paul reminds us that we are are brought to salvation thru the teaching of Jesus. Yet, in our weary world, we continue to walk as defeated and lost people. 

And it is understandable to an extent. We face so many daily challenges and the world seems determined to destroy itself. We see the homeless on the streets dying of cold or hunger. There are two major wars being fought by governments looking to wipe out specific groups of people. The climate change issue is starting to cause major hurricanes and tornados that destroy lives and property. And so many people are struggling to survive financially in a world run by greed and avarice. There are also religious leaders who believe their message should be one of hate and bigotry rather than love and acceptance.

We have a choice as Christians, we can continue to let the world drag us down in despair, or we can work to change the world around us one person at a time. We can live the Gospel message of loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves or we can live the message of bigotry, abuse, hatred, and greed. 

I choose to live a message of love. I intend to live the Advent message of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love all year long, not just the four weeks leading up to Christmas. I will continue to treat each and every person I meet as a Child of God. I will work to help the poor and homeless, the downtrodden and abused, the lost and the forsaken. They are the people Jesus would have spent time with and it is time the church started to follow his example. 

What will you choose this Christmas season? Will you join me? 

Pax et Bonum, 

Bishop Greer