The Spirit of Peace

This weeks readings have made me think of the state of the world. The Descending of the Spirit on Jesus that John the Baptist, is telling his followers about is the sign that they are to look for. John is telling his followers that he is not the one to save all of Israel and the world from oppression. But he tells his followers that the one who comes to him for baptism and the Holy Spirit comes down and rests on him is. And he tells them the last bit of Isaiah’s prophesy that he is the Son of God.

But it made me think about oppression. For years, it seems we have groups coming out that are made of the best of society talking about how they are being oppressed. These are typically white, cis-gendered straight presenting people. Essentially the creme de le creme of of our society. They have every advantage that is given to them. But, when you hear them talk about their supposed oppression what is it? Their oppression is actually people other than them finally gaining a voice and being able to talk openly in society, in some cases for the very first time and gaining a small degree of prominence. Their oppression is actually fear. Fear of them loosing the advantages that they have over others. It would be like Pilate telling Jesus that he is oppressed because the Jews are able to speak openly about things. (oh wait its why Jesus died).

Instead, the real oppression that is going on in American society are authors being banned from schools because they highlight communities that are really being oppressed. Drag entertainers wanting to promote literacy, and parents wanting to teach children that other people are ok. Yes that is oppression.

Oppression is the people of Ukraine fighting a tyrant trying to take over their land for imperalism, and women and Iran fighting for a voice. That is real oppression.

And that is what the fore runner is talking about the one that is to end all that. And that is our inheritance to help put an end to oppression and injustice so that the spirit of peace can finally descend upon us all and not just one person.

Will you join us and make the Christian vision a reality here in our corner of the world? Or are you going to belly ache about supposed oppression that is really privilege being evenly given.