Thoughts On A Good Shepherd

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday. It is usually a Sunday that is serene and brings comfort. After all we read the 23rd Psalm and are reminded that we are brought to comfort and still waters. But the Gospel paints a pseudo-warning to us. There are those in our life who are dangerous. There are false shepherds that will come and try to “steal” us or diswade us.

I think this is a very ample message for today. After all time and time again we hear not only about pastors doing some shady things, but our political leaders who seem to be that their only aim in life is to divide us as people and proclaim false hope and make people into boogy men.

For you see in Jesus’ time the Shepherd metaphor was not just used for those in religious authority but in earthly authority as well. In other words, Kings, Governors, Judges, the list goes on and on. They were put in authority to shepherd us or lead us to a better path.

Instead when I turn on a tv or computer, we see instances where someone is passing laws telling us people are sub human. Yet again, another chapter in history aiming to segregate people just for being who they were created to be.

The time for us to be true shepherds is now. Listen to Jesus’ call today. What do you want to be the Good Shepherd, or the thief. Matt +