Change is coming!

Change is often seen as a bad thing in our society today. And Lord knows, we have seen a lot of change over the past couple of years. We have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced us to change almost everything about our daily lives. And our churches have been hard hit by these changes. 

Many churches around the world have closed their doors permanently. In the Independent Sacramental Movement, we have seen about half of the parishes that actually had buildings close during the pandemic for good. In the Old Catholic Churches International,  we have been very blessed to have changed and grown with the pandemic rather than remain rigid and end up closing. But it has come with a tremendous cost to our clergy and parishes too. 

Not all change is bad though. Some change is good and even necessary. For example, I took the opportunity to return to school after being forced out of hospital chaplaincy by the damaging and abuse army of internet trolls. I am now halfway thru my bachelors program working to get my degree in psychology. Which in itself is kind of a funny change brought about by my experiences with unethical and abusive psychologists. 

And our parish is about to go thru a huge change too. We are moving! After almost 6 years of meeting at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church in Augusta, GA, we are moving to the Metropolitan Community Church of our Redeemer on Greene Street in Augusta, GA. We have chosen to make this move effective the last Sunday of February and our first service, a joint service with the MCC of our Redeemer, on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd. This will give us a start during the penitential season and a time to reflect on where we have come from and where we are going as a parish. 

While change can be scary and disruptive, it can also bring growth and happiness. My hope is that this move will bring us growth and happiness. 

Won’t you join us for this exciting new chapter in the life of Saint Francis Parish?