Help or Torment

This weeks Gospel is pretty vivid and heavy handed. It’s the most vivid and negative parable in all of the Gospels. The beggar and the rich man. It lends the question of who will listen to the prophets, and all the warnings that they give. That change is coming, and to be ready. But most are not and do not recognize the message. The same that played out 2000 years ago, rings true today. Not everyone is ready for the true message of the Christ.

The message of Jesus is simple. It’s liberating. It’s hope. But why do so many who profess to be Christians miss the simplicity of the message in caring about people? The answer is simple, its easier to be absorbed in your own mess, than to help others. It is easier to navel gaze, and bewhale sins, but continue to commit them by not helping a neighbor in need. Or worse, being the reason they are in need.

So the message this day is simple. What are you going to do to help humanity and bear the message of the messiah? Are you going to love them the same way you do yourself? Or are you going to cast them aside and tell them they are someone elses problem. The choice is yours, but Jesus is pretty clear, that the torment of not doing anything is far worse, then trying God bless.

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