Sep 212019

Serving two masters and a new mission

Serving two masters and a new mission

This Sunday we read about how serving two masters is impossible. We also hear that the Lord remembers how we treat the poor and needy in our midst. These are hard readings to hear sometimes. Especially in our society where the poor are dismissed and abused and the rich are praised and exalted.

Our new mission that opens this Sunday sits in a unique location that affords us the opportunity to help people of various walks of life. Saint Francis Parish – Graniteville sits in an area that will afford us the opportunity to help those who need it most.

Our mission will continue our work to help the homeless with food and supplies they need most. We continue to work to build up our blessing bag program. A list of supplies we need will be posted soon so that you can help support this ministry.

The vision of the new mission is to build up a faith community that then goes out into the world to live the Gospel. It is not just enough to preach the Gospel with our mouths, we must also preach it with our very lives. This is what is meant by not serving two masters. We must serve the God of compassion, love, and service rather than the gods of greed, hate, and selfishness.

In order to do this, we need your help. We need you to come be a part of our parish family. We need you to commit to supporting our work and efforts by tithing with your money and your time. It is our hope that we will someday be in a building that we own so that we can offer even more services to the community as a whole. However, we will need your help to make it possible.

Please join us this Sunday, September 22, as we launch Saint Francis Parish – Graniteville. We will celebrate Mass at 10:00 AM at 6 Hickman Street in Graniteville, South Carolina. We meet on the campus of the Hope Center School. You can also join us for Mass at 3:00 PM at 2321 Lumpkin Road in Augusta, Georgia at the beautiful Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church.

It is our parish family’s commitment to be a beacon of hope, light and love to the CSRA. Come and experience a different and exciting way to be Catholic!