Looking For The Lost

“This man dines with sinners and tax collectors…” This sentiment is one that we are all to accustomed to in this parish. We know all to well the accusations that Jesus received from the “religious” legalists of his day. Today we have the same legalism but coming from our so called brothers in faith almost on a daily basis. But Jesus counters saying he is going after the lost sheep or the coin that is treasured above all the others.

Like Jesus we are going after the lost sheep, not because they have wondered off, but because they have been left in the dust of a church that has for far too long marginalized and said that they are lesser than. Lesser than because of who they love, because of their lack

of income, or because of political or ideological belief. We have committed ourselves to making sure that everyone has a home in this parish whether here physically, or viewing from home everyone is welcome in this place of love, and charity.

If that means our pews are few, then so be it, I would rather that then have a house full of Christians who are only Christian because of convenience and because the faith has been molded to look like them.

Instead we are practicing a faith that was handed down to us, to love and serve those who are in the margins. Just as Jesus and all the apostles did. Won’t you join us in doing so too.