Obedience as a Call

As I read the readings for this Sunday and reflect, the thing that sticks out to me most is Moses and his willingness to listen to God. When we think of Moses we think of this staunch figure that stood up to Pharaoh, that warned him of the plagues to come, and ultimately that warned of the widespread death, all to free the Jewish people (us) as it were since we are inheritors of that promise.

But we glaze over the fact that Moses was raised as a good and loyal Egyptian, as the brother of the Pharaoh that he was prophesying to. For all intents and purposes he didn’t know of his past, he didn’t know he was one of the slaves as it where, until he murdered a guard and ran away.

He was readopted into his culture, learned his faith with the Medianites, and accepted who he was. Pledging not to return to his old life, and settled in as a nomad. Until one faithful day, he chases a stray sheep and has an encounter with the divine through a flaming bush.

Most of us, today, and there is a hint that Moses did this too; had a “yeah right” moment. I say Moses did this cause he asked God who he is, and what his name is.

But in all of this God asks him to be obedient to what he is saying. And ultimately to go back.

As Franciscans, and ultimately you are Franciscan as followers of a Franciscan parish, have a charism of obedience. Obedience to God’s word, and working in our life. What is God doing in your life? What is he asking you to do?

Think of the change that could happen if we all followed that call. There would be less homeless, there would be less homeless kids on the street with nowhere to go.

By being like Moses and listening to that voice we too can change the world for the better.

So this Lent we are asking you to be obedient and listen to that voice.