The Intent

This Sunday is one of those quirky Sunday’s to preach. But the Gospel leads up to and actually piggy backs off of last weeks readings in a delightful way. We had the readings from Isaiah last week that challenged us to walk with God, and to look for the downcast in society and raise them up. This week Jesus is still echoing that spirit. The Pharisees were fixed on following the law, but they forgot what the intent of the law was to make us better, and to treat people fairly. Instead they were focused on their literalistic interpretation of the law, which was leading a lot of people in Jesus’ time to stumble. So Jesus gives us a reminder this week that the law of God was to make us better people.

But today we have Christians that have forgotten this as well. Bishop Greer did a great job reminding us of that last week talking about the trolls we encounter day to day. They proclaim Christ, but the spirit is that of something other than Godly. The Spirit of the Law is righteousness, and compassion. Not belittlement and contention.

So this week, focus on how you conduct yourself in your walk with God, and with others. If you find yourself being overly critical for being criticals sake, then take a step back breathe and refocus. And remember the law of God is not complicated. Love God and Love your neighbor.

God Bless