The Spirit of Justice

The Spirit of Justice

If last Sunday was Word of God Sunday, then this Sunday should be known as justice Sunday. Today we hear from the prophet Zephaniah, and in the Gospel this week Jesus gives us the beatitudes. Zephaniah was a prophet, but unlike the other gloom and doom prophets, the majority of Zephaniah was centered around people making a turn around, and what the future of Israel was to look like and he gives us a people centered around justice for the little guy. And what do just people look like? They are humble, they have walked through literal hell and back, and still are humble, and the look for the good in people, and they don’t spread rumors.

Our society is built around the opposite it seems. All too often proverbial rumor mills are flying, and spinning tales that are profound, and at times threaten all that people have done to build their lives and livelihoods. That is probably the most heartbreaking thing I hear as a priest are things that have been done to people, either by the perpetrator, or by the people it has been done to.

And if you think that the church is immune to this all you have to do is talk to otheer pastors and people in churches. The world has a way of permeating our safe spaces like a wrecking ball.

But Jesus gives us a blue print to happiness, blessed are the poor in spirit which means in modern context, blessed are those who have been lied about for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Yes we will overcome peoples abuses and bigotry about us and our ministries. Alls we have to do is continue walking and trying and doing what God has called us to do. We may not always be popular but we will be doing what is right.