Looking Forward

This weeks Epistle from 1st Peter gives a striking message for us all. To keep looking forward always. You see Peter was writing the letter knowing he had limited time. He was walking toward Rome, toward his eventually trial and martyrdom. His epistles were love letters to his people that he took leadership over. Sure … Read more

The True Call of a Deacon

This weekend we hear about the commissioning of the Deacons in the Acts of the Apostles. For many people, this is an unremarkable story. However, when you look a little deeper at the context you find some very interesting theological points.  First of all, the reason for the commissioning of the Deacons was that the … Read more

Divine Mercy

This week is Divine Mercy Sunday. It was called so after the chaplet instituted by St. Faustina in a vision given to her by our Lord in while she was praying in her convent. She was shown a future where mercy would need to be given out more and more and thus the chaplet, and … Read more

The Spirituality of Resurrection

This Sunday we get a unique reading in the midst of Lent. Today we get the reading of Jesus going hearing of the death of his friend Lazarus. In some translations, we see Jesus’ humanity clearly by hearing the Words ‘and Jesus Wept.’ We hear him wrestling with emotion, but in his heart he knows … Read more

Self Limitations

Have you ever grown tired of hearing people complaining? I know I do! Sometimes complaints are necessary to recognize things need changing in our environment. But often times, the complaints center around our inability to remain flexible to change, and transform. Take this weeks Old testament passage for instance. We have Moses in the Exodus … Read more

The Meaning of Lent

I hear a lot of talk around this time about fasting. Lent after all is a way for us to fast and naturally gives us opportunity for good self reflection and centering. That is absolutely what it is designed to do. But as a priest it frustrates me because some of the fasting things I … Read more

The Intent

This Sunday is one of those quirky Sunday’s to preach. But the Gospel leads up to and actually piggy backs off of last weeks readings in a delightful way. We had the readings from Isaiah last week that challenged us to walk with God, and to look for the downcast in society and raise them … Read more

The Spirit of Justice

The Spirit of Justice If last Sunday was Word of God Sunday, then this Sunday should be known as justice Sunday. Today we hear from the prophet Zephaniah, and in the Gospel this week Jesus gives us the beatitudes. Zephaniah was a prophet, but unlike the other gloom and doom prophets, the majority of Zephaniah … Read more